Chartered Institute of Professional Financial Managers, CIPFM, United States of America


The Chartered Institute of Professional Financial Managers (CIPFM) is a prestigious global professional organization dedicated to promoting excellence in the field of financial management. Our mission is to enhance the knowledge and skills of financial managers, helping them adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of the financial landscape. We achieve this by providing certifications, training programs, and resources to financial managers.

At CIPFM, we understand the importance of setting industry standards and advancing professional methodology.

That’s why we offer a range of certifications designed to cater to different levels of expertise and experience. Our certifications include the Certified Financial Manager (CFM), Certified Strategic Financial Manager (CSFM), and Chartered Financial Manager (ChFM). Each certification covers specific domains of financial management; ensuring individuals possess a comprehensive skill set required for their respective roles.

We believe that continuous learning and professional development are essential for success in the financial management field. That’s why we provide a platform for networking and collaboration, fostering an environment where our members can continuously learn and grow. Our training programs and workshops are designed to equip financial managers with cutting-edge industry practices, methodologies, and tools. By staying informed about the latest trends and advancements, our members can enhance their decision-making abilities and drive organizational success.

In addition to certifications and training programs, CIPFM also encourages research and development in the field of financial management. We believe that our members have valuable insights to contribute to the advancement of financial knowledge. We encourage them to engage in industry-related studies, publications, and academic collaborations.

As a member-centric organization, CIPFM provides a range of benefits to its members.

 By joining CIPFM, financial managers gain access to a global network of professionals, mentorship opportunities, career development support, and exclusive resources such as journals, white papers, and webinars. We also organize regular events and conferences that offer a platform for knowledge sharing and networking.the Chartered Institute of Professional Financial Managers is committed to promoting excellence in financial management.


The vision of CIPFM is to provide a platform for educating and certifying financial managers globally.


Functions of Financial Manager

  • Estimating Capital Requirements
  • Determination Of Capital Structure
  • Choices Of Sourcing Funds
  • Funds Procurement
  • Funds Utilisation
  • Disposal Of Profits
  • Cash Management
  • Financial Control
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