Chartered Institute of Professional Financial Managers, CIPFM, United States of America


The Chartered Institute of Professional Financial Managers CIPFM is an American membership organization established to promote the practice of financial management.

The Institute has a large global membership base in both the public and private sectors.

The Chartered Institute, therefore, emphasizes the need for ethical values and professionalism among financial managers. CIPFM believes sound professionalism and ethical values are the bedrock of any financial system.

CIPFM has built a network of affiliations and partnerships. Members are now able to expand their professional experience.

The CIPFM also offers certifications that are designed to meet the challenges of modern business realities and impact the growth of organizations.


The vision of CIPFM is to provide a platform for educating and certifying financial managers globally.


Functions of Financial Manager

  • Estimating Capital Requirements
  • Determination Of Capital Structure
  • Choices Of Sourcing Funds
  • Funds Procurement
  • Funds Utilisation
  • Disposal Of Profits
  • Cash Management
  • Financial Control
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