Chartered Institute of Professional Financial Managers, CIPFM, United States of America

Council Members

Dr Vincent Bradley, PhD, FCFM


Dr Angela Williams, ED, FCFM

Vice-President – South & Central America

Dr. U. N Giwa-Osagie, FCFM, FIPFC

Vice President- Africa & Middle East

Patricia Baker, MBA, FCFM

Vice President- Membership & International Certifications

Dr David Hutchinson, FCFM

Chair Partnership Programs

Dr Alfred Botchway, PhD, FCFM

Council Member

Prof D. A King, FCFM, FCT

Council Member

Dr Abraham Fagbayide, PhD FCFM

Council Member

Dr. Elaine MacOliver, DBA, FCFM,

Council Member

Dr. Victoria Enape PhD, FCFM

Council Member